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Multiplexing made easy

Our system offers effective, user-friendly tools to analyse and manage both duplex and multiplex digital PCR experiments.

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Easy access

One online environment

Experience our complete system from your web browser. No software installation required and access to your data from anywhere via our secured online portal.

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Fully integrated data management

Control your results

Annotate, verify and organize all your experiments in a fully searchable and exportable database, integrated in our system.

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Multi-user functionalities

Made for collaboration

Share experiments or work on projects collaboratively, without being limited.

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Featured publications

Nell et al. (bioRxiv, 2019)

Quantification of DNA methylation using methylation-sensitive restriction enzymes and multiplex digital PCR

A new digital approach for the absolute quantification of the amount, density and allele-specificity of DNA methylation, without sodium bisulphite conversion.

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Zoutman et al. (JMD, 2017)

Accurate quantification of T cells by generic single duplex digital PCR

A novel and sensitive method for quantifying T cells relatively fast, accurate, and independent of the cellular context in DNA samples using digital PCR.

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